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We’ve created our reality between physical and digital
We live in the moment, right here, right now.
We are competitors, laser focused, zero-distraction.
We live or die by the speed of our reflexes and synapses.
We are 200 million strong and growing.
We are H4X.

H4X intimately understands the needs of athletes, because we are athletes.
Our bar is high. The level of performance apparel we were looking for wasn’t out there. So we got busy making it.


Gaming is a world defined by nanoseconds, visual input to synapse to physical action. There is no time for hesitation. It’s rare place where intuition and action overlap, as close as possible to precognition.
We define performance by zero distraction. Apparel that enhances your game, by not getting in the way, but actually enhancing your experience. Engineered for comfort, support with every detail thought through for both gaming and the everyday world.


Gaming is more than gaming. It’s a lifestyle. It’s bigger than ascreen. We share a language, rituals, and behaviors. We socialize in a way no other culture does. We form a collective intelligence, yet we are highly individual.
Function and style are symbiotic and inseparable to us. Our style is wearable, beautiful, technology.


Your brain is the tangible neurocenter of your body. Your mind is the invisible, transcendent world of thought, feeling, attitude, belief and imagination. We believe in the power of imagination both as gamers and entrepreneurs. We live in both the tangible and intangible worlds. We believe that the impossible is possible in both of those worlds and its unlimited.


Ideas without action are nothing.

We’re born from imagination, but then we do.
We believe in bringing our a-game everyday, to everything we do.
We believe in dedication, iteration, rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty. We don’t settle for half-baked.
We believe in not only making things happen, but making great things happen. Think big, and then bring it big.


We are open source. We believe in collaboration and inclusion.
We are a global society of likeminded.
Many brands today define themselves as insider, exclusive and elite.
We believe that innovation and performance is democratic. It is for all.
Therefore, we build product that is accessible.
If you game, at any level, you are part of our tribe.

Welcome to H4X.