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noun:  An acronym or abbreviation to hacks or cheat, typically used when you start to mald because someone on the enemy team is playing so well it looks like they are cheating, when in fact, they are just the better player.

We are the latter. The god gamer. Just don’t report us to your dad who works at Valve.

Unfortunately, due to current investor compliance regulations we are forced to disclose additional information.

Life On Other Worlds

Your thoughts, your actions, and your experiences are all born of a single moment, a realization. These moments, driven by your imagination, can take you to the edge of new, exciting worlds. Be them digital, physical, or manifested by your own ideations, we invite you to stare into the precipice with us, as we forge ahead, exploring these endless frontiers.


Gaming is a world defined by nanoseconds. It's a rare place where intuition and action overlap. It’s that moment where poise and AI instinct converge, paving the way for a new generation of athletes to be born. This phenomenon living dormant for decades has finally surfaced. Most people call it esports, some, e-gaming... We call it cyber athletics. The movement that represents the innate lifestyle from the basement to the main stage - defining the evolution of gaming everywhere.


Whether the goal is to play competitively or to escape to another reality, those who game can't be pigeonholed into a single category. There’s no such thing as a quintessential gamer. To put it simply, we capture the essence of a culture and generation that grew up in the era of technology.