Trend Defining Athleisure Brand To Exclusively Design Zilla Gang Collection


Montreal, CA (OCTOBER 26, 2021) – H4X (pronounced “Hacks”), a lifestyle fashion brand favored by professional esports athletes and gaming personalities, announced today an exclusive collection with FPS mastermind Rex Lisle, aka, Rexzilla. The meticulously designed capsule collection will feature a t-shirt and a hoodie. Rexzilla lets his gameplay speak for itself. H4X wishes to replicate this ideology by creating a collection that does the talking for you


“Partnering with H4X to create this collection was an easy decision. I’ve been familiar with their work for quite some time now. Choosing to partner with a brand that shares my passion for supporting gaming communities was one major piece of the puzzle. The second piece that factored into this decision was H4X’s dedication to high-quality material. I truly want this collection to stay with you for a very long time” says Lisle. 

H4X understands Rexzilla’s commitment to delivering high octane action for the “Zilla fam”. Through multiple FPS titles and several successful speedruns, Rexzilla has developed a passionate community of individuals who value high-level gameplay. Rexzilla understands this dynamic and vouches to prioritize quality. This quality is evidenced by the new and improved Cyber Athletics silhouettes. Available in the H4X FW 21 collection, these pieces are created using immaculate Egyptian cotton and other high-end fabrics. 


H4X CEO, Cole Gurman, commented, “We are extremely proud to have been chosen by Rex for this collaboration. Rex’s someone who understands the fusion of the gaming and fashion industry. His personal style is evidence of this. Once the opportunity arose to work with someone who perceives the common elements between fashion and gaming, the decision was a simple one. We’re very excited to uphold our high-quality standards in partnership with Rex. The custom designs in development are sure to please the Zilla fam.”

In an industry that is notoriously difficult to break through, Rexzilla made a name for himself through his charismatic and high-energy personality. The eye-catching quality of his streams are a large part of his success in the gaming industry.


The collection will retail for $35-85 and is available exclusively on H4X.gg/Rexzilla  Unisex size ranges for the hoodie and t-shirt are S-XXL


About H4X: 

The H4X brand, founded in 2015, is a leading athletic performance apparel company that is disrupting the industry with innovation in design and proprietary fabrications all rooted in the DNA of esports. Today, the H4X Design Lab extracts the lifestyle aesthetics embraced by the gaming community and fuses them into environmentally versatile and ergonomic streetwear. The company, a division of Moniker, Inc. is headquartered in Montreal, Canada and led by Cole Gurman, who is the Founder and CEO and a noted expert in the gaming industry. Gurman and his team have a mission to support consumers globally who have a passion for redefining physical limitations in our globalized digital world. 

For more information, please visit: www.H4X.gg or follow H4X on twitter (https://twitter.com/h4xgg) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/h4xgg/)


How does this sound Rex "REXZILLA" Lisle is a competitive content creator and one of the most popular Call Of Duty streamers on Facebook. He has a history of competing at national and international competitions for PUBG. A former professional gamer for Team Tempo Storm, now streaming mostly Warzone on Facebook Gaming daily with gameplay broadcasts reaching hundreds of thousands of people across the globe.